City Council Votes to Move Development of Ronstadt Forward

by Brian Flagg and Jimmy Ojeda “A Ronstadt Transit Center for Everyone” is turning into a Ronstadt Center for developers, politicians, and organized money. The Tucson Bus Riders Union (TBRU) has always advocated for a “downtown for everyone,” including the Ronstadt Transit Center.  The vision of TBRU is to keep the Ronstadt as a place where everyone is welcome despiteContinue reading “City Council Votes to Move Development of Ronstadt Forward”

Welcome to Voces de Casa Maria

Editors note: Welcome to Casa Maria’s Blog/ Voces de Casa Maria! We are truly blessed to have the dynamic journalism major from the University of Arizona, Kassandra Manriquez help us with all the technical work to make this blog a reality. -Brian Flagg Hello! My name is Kassandra Manriquez, a second year journalism student atContinue reading “Welcome to Voces de Casa Maria”