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Looking for inspiration in the struggle against oppressors of poor people and the planet on the eve of the Bus Rider Union sponsored Climate Change Summit… This article was sent to us by long time Casa Maria supporter Paul Crowley, with a note saying, “this was the best article on Ali that I have ever read.”   […]


By Sarah Launius, PhD Candidate in the School of Geography and Development at the UA No doubt you know already that the Mayor and Council are looking to raise fares for bus and streetcar riders. The different proposals put forward each place a heavy burden on different types of riders. Although the city claims they […]

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August 9, 2016 Mayor Jonathan Rothschild 255 West Alameda PO Box 27210 Tucson, Arizona 85726 Cc: Members of the City Council Dear Mayor Rothschild, As organizations with long-standing commitment to the many species and ecosystems that comprise the Sonoran Desert, we urge you to increase public transit services in the City of Tucson. Our climate […]


Pope Francis Among the Wolves The Inside Story of a Revolution  By Marco Politi  Columbia University Press. $27.95 Reviewed by Elizabeth Webb in America Magazine, June 20-27, 2016. Check it out here. I’m going to find this book and read it! If you cant read this book, check out this book review! Apparently this book reiterates […]


by Sarah Launius for the Bus Rider Union * Since this blog was posted Sun Tran staff presented a revised projection of Councilor Cunningham’s proposal. A revised table showing these adjustments are at the bottom of the blog. The question persists as to why staff presented an inaccurate Cunningham proposal to begin with. Why are […]

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by Brian Flagg Casa Maria is a subscriber to NCR and I highly recommend it as a source of news, especially if you are Catholic. Letter to the Editor, National Catholic Reporter, July 15-28, 2016 Michael Sean Winters’ article celebrating the one year anniversary of Laudato Si’ (NCRonline.org/node/125486) concluded with an appeal for parishes to […]


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