El Robo del Siglo El Robo del Siglo   Filas hasta de dos kilómetros de autos a la espera de cargar gasolina, cientos de gasolineras cerradas por falta de combustible, es el escenario en los últimos días en varios estados de México afectados por el desabasto de gasolina. El problema surgió después de el plan […]

by Brian Flagg Kids in cages, kids separated from their parents, a hideous border wall, the hate whipped up around the issue of immigration… Anyone who cares about morality or religion or being a Catholic or Christian has to care about it. If you don’t believe me, ask Pope Francis, or read his new apostolic […]

by Brian Flagg The first of 3 sessions studying Pope Francis’ new apostolic exhortation ‘Rejoice and Be Glad’ took place last night at Guadalupe Capilla, in the heart of South Tucson (aka Barrio Libre). This project is co-sponsored by Casa Maria and Santa Cruz Catholic Church. Approximately 100 people attended. A good time was had by all. […]

por Brian Flagg El Obispo Weisenburger dijo que todos nosotros necesitamos despertarnos y luchar a terminar las injusticias contra familias de inmigrantes. El insistió que esta tema es mas que todo una tema sobre moralidad. BISHOP WEISENBURGER SPEAKS OUT! by Brian Flagg If you missed it you might want to check out Bishop Edward Weisenburger’s […]

By Poncho Moro Poncho is a regular here at Casa Maria. Most immigrants flee their country in search of a better future for their families. They search for a social justice that can rarely be found. A social justice that has been neglected in their country of birth. In some cases, these people cross three […]

Cesar Aguirre who lives and works hard on a daily basis at Casa Maria is an amazing rapper and makes his voice be heard by composing songs that expresses his feelings against injustice. Cesar has composed many mesmerizing songs that relate to every day struggles in the barrio. From everyone at Casa Maria, we wish […]