by Brian Flagg Last week I was once again proud to be a Catholic! This is because our Bishop, Gerald Kicanis, spearheaded an effort that gathered more than 60 Southern Arizona religious leaders to express their opposition to recent presidential orders calling for the construction of a border wall and banning the admission of refugees. He […]


We here at Casa Maria believe that quality public education really is the key to breaking the chains of oppression. And we think that American satirist, comedian, actor and writer Andy Borowitz really got it right in this quote. DETENER AL TRUMP ES SOLO SOLUCION POR MIENTRAS Nosotros en Casa Maria creemos que educación publica […]


Just in case you missed it last week there was a letter to the editor in the Daily Star titled “HSL doesn’t need tax breaks”. Tell me that Jim Kelly from the Foothills didn’t hit the nail on the head with this one. HSL doesn’t need tax breaks Re: the Jan. 3 article “La Placita […]


by Brian Flagg Today, January 6, is Jon Miles 76th birthday. He is my close friend and has been a central advisor to Casa Maria from day one! For many years, many decades, he has been the rock, the heart and the soul of the struggle for peace and justice in Tucson. He has lived […]


Peter Bourque and his wife Suzy are long time friends of Casa Maria. He grew up going to Catholic school in Flint, Michigan, for many years taught English at Canyon del Oro High School, and was a helluva basketball player in his day! And he’s a good writer…   Brian, Cool article on Casa Maria […]


by Brian Flagg The other day I was talking to the Casa Maria diners and some of the volunteers who come from all parts of Tucson. They might be having a hard time but they are paying attention. Recent events have given us all a lot to think about, especially about what the future holds […]


by Cesar Aguirre I’ve been reflecting about the local elections a lot lately, especially the TUSD school board election. It is truly disgusting that Jim Click and his buddies bought the election for Mark Stegeman and people like him who do not have the best interest of our children in mind. Jim Click is a known philanthropist, […]