Corona Virus and the Dangers of Ecofacism


By Citlali Ramirez

The Coronavirus outbreak has exposed many flaws not only in our governmental and economic structures, but also in our societal structures and the way in which people interact with and react to the world. I have recently seen posts and tweets circulating social media claiming that the minor but noticeable improvements in the environment as evidence that “we are the virus”. This is an ecofscist narrative that perpetuates a toxic environmentalist perspective, minimizing the value of human lives for the sake of protecting the Earth’s ecosystems.

This ideology is not new and historically comes hand in hand with xenophobia and genocidic ideologies. Dating back to 1798, Malthusians believed that while the Earth’s population grows exponentially, the Earth’s resources and food supply only increase linearly, ultimately leading to shortages. Neo Malthusians and many white environmentalists in the 1960s and 70s used these false narratives to villainize African and Asian countries for being “overpopulated” despite the fact that the U.S. and other western countries consume more resources and pollute the environment significantly more. 

Instead of wrongly placing the blame on the nonwestern world and people of color, we must expose the negative effects of capitalism not only on the environment, but also on our social, political, and economic aspects of our society. The fixation with cheap and fast production of goods has led to chemical pollutants in water, increased carbon and methane emissions, inhumane treatment of workers overseas and domestically, and so much more. Overproduction creates far more of a negative impact on the Earth and its people than our inherent existence. Capitalism is the virus.

We’ve Gotta Know The Issues, Stay WOKE!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been extremely hard for me to deal with. I struggle with depression and anxiety, being locked up in my home alone is where I sometimes want to be, but it’s not the healthiest place for me. This pandemic also hits home because my mom has respiratory issues and a weak immune system, so I really worry about her health and ability to access quality medical care if she does get sick. What I struggle with most is the complacency and apathy of many of my fellow Americans.

I know this is a scary situation, but there are even scarier things happening all around us, and if we are not careful we will see more death by famine, war, disease, climate change and the murderous disparities caused by this inhumane capitalist system that has allowed this virus to wreak havoc on our society.

Chomsky On Coronavirus: Why Neoliberalism And Big Pharma Can’t Respond

Last week I left my house and noticed my gas gauge was on E. The car had been parked for a few weeks because I was working on it. After a few seconds of pumping gas, I realized the gas wasn’t going into the tank. I pumped nearly 2 gallons of gas onto the ground. Someone cut the fuel line so they could insert a hose and siphon the gas out of my tank. I was furious, and worried. I was in real danger. There was enough gas on the ground that it rolled under my car’s engine and under the engine of the car parked at the pump next to me.

The driver of the car was paying at the pump with her card, using paper towels to push the buttons on the card reader. I kept a safe distance and said, “excuse me ma’am.” She completely ignored me. I said it louder. Nothing!

I noticed her back bumper was filled with humanitarian aid stickers as I started to explain to her what had happened, “I’m sorry to bother you but someone cut my gas line and I pumped a bunch of gas onto the ground before I realized it. Please don’t start your car after you’re done pumping because we could blow up!” The entire time I talked she did her best to ignore me. As she heard the last few words (because we could blow up) her face twisted into a worrisome, fearful grimace. She said, “I’m not going down with you buddy!” And quickly turned toward her car, opened the door, and was about to hop in when she stepped in the puddle of gas that had rolled under her car. At that moment everything clicked for her, she stopped and turned toward me and said, “Oh my God! I am so sorry. You’re trying to warn me to not start my car because the spark from my engine could ignite the gas you spilled. God bless you. I’m sorry for being such a b*$&h but this whole coronavirus thing has me all crazy. We can’t get close to anyone or touch anything, it’s just so insane. Here you are trying to help me and I’m totally just trying to ignore you.” I told her I was just glad she realized it when she did and I pushed the car a safe distance for her to start it so she could be on her way.

This is a perfect example of how we as a nation can be so consumed with fear that we totally ignore the clear and present dangers all around us. During this time is the perfect opportunity for rich vultures to take all they can

This Is The Largest Theft Ever In US History (Web Exclusive).

I have a lot of friends and family that are really excited about the stimulus package being passed because they are gonna see a little money in their pockets, but let’s be real, there’s WAY MORE in it for the rich. We should be angry…no we should be pissed! Small businesses are getting loans while corporations get billions in free money and real estate investors get $170 billion in tax breaks

Wealthy real estate developers like Trump score a huge tax break in the stimulus bill,

Bonanza for Rich Real Estate Investors, Tucked Into Stimulus Package.

     COVID-19 is real and we need to take precautions and care for our elders and children but we also need to stay aware and stay active. We have the capacity to communicate with people across the globe in seconds. Let’s use that to our advantage and contact our elected officials and demand they do for the people during this time of crisis, not for the corporations. We’ve gotta know the issues, stay WOKE!

by Cesar Aguirre

cesar aguirre

Memo to the Pima County Board of Supervisors: 



On May 28, the South Tucson City Council promised a complete public process on enacting a GPLET zone in South Tucson. This would enable developers to pay no property taxes on new developments for 8 years and pay reduced property taxes for 17 years after that.

3 weeks later, on June 24, the South Tucson Council, prodded by Benny Young from Pima County’s Economic Development Department, voted unanimously with 1 abstention, to move forward the GPLET program.

GPLET has been used extensively by the City of Tucson in recent years to gentrify downtown. It is now the most expensive place in the City of Tucson to rent or buy a home. Poor and working people businesses are being pushed out. The gentrification process is oozing in a southerly direction. Peach Properties and the Volk Company have been buying up properties in South Tucson.

The City of South Tucson is extremely broke and dysfunctional. We residents barely have cops and fire. Who among us has a realistic hope that the City is not quickly headed for bankruptcy and dissolution?

But the people and the barrio, known as Barrio Libre, will remain after the City goes under. We will not stand by and watch wealthy developers, aided by Pima County, come in and loot and pillage and exploit our community, before it changes into something that looks like present day downtown Tucson, with many residents and businesses being displaced by people with more money and different cultural values.

The people of South Tucson deserve transparency and full public process regarding GPLET tax breaks and how they will affect our destiny as a city and as a barrio.

Please vote NO or at least delay this vote.

Thank You

Brian Flagg

(520) 624-0312

(520) 304-8443

Lonnie’s Memorial Mass

Thanks everybody for coming to Lonnie’s service.
This is some words from Lonnie’s mom.

‘Thank you for everything today. The service was beautiful

and perfect for Lonnie’.

                                                                       Faye Collier







Memorial Mass for Lonnie Reiger

on Monday, April 15 at Casa Maria

at 10:00 am with Fr. Jose Luis Ferroni



Our sincere condolences to his family, friends, and co-workers.

Lonnie worked and lived at Casa Maria for more than 30 year,

He was a hard worker and a great friend.


Misa en Memoria de Lonnie Reiger el Lunes 15 de Abril

en Casa Maria a las 10:00 am, con P. José Luis Ferroni OCD.

Nuestras mas sinceras condolencias a sus familiares, amigos

y compañeros de trabajo.

Lonnie vivió y trabajo en Casa Maria por más de 30 años,

El era un gran amigo y muy trabador



It’s going to be outside so dress warmly.

If you don’t have $5.00 come anyway, tell them you are from Casa Maria

and they will let you in.


Concierto donde grupos locales van a cantar canciones de Los Beatles.

¡Ven a disfrutar con Casa Maria!


El Robo del Siglo//The Theft of the Century

El Robo del Siglo


El Robo del Siglo


Filas hasta de dos kilómetros de autos a la espera de cargar gasolina, cientos de gasolineras cerradas por falta de combustible, es el escenario en los últimos días en varios estados de México afectados por el desabasto de gasolina. El problema surgió después de el plan del nuevo gobierno para combatir las redes de robo de combustible creados en las últimas décadas, en las que según el gobierno de AMLO participan empleados de petróleo mexicano (PEMEX). Según datos oficiales el robo de combustible le provoca a el estado perdidas por alrededor de 60,000 millones de pesos anual (unos 3,000 millones de dólares). Era una vieja sospecha. Muchos creían que el creciente robo de combustible no podía realizarse sin la ayuda de empleados de Pemex. AMLO dijo que dentro de la empresa se encontró una red dedicada a robar hidrocarburos, especialmente gasolina. El grupo extraía diariamente el equivalente a 600 carros cisterna conocidos como pipas con capacidad de 15,000 litros cada una, independientemente del Huachicoleó (ordeña de ductos). Según el director de Pemex por el robo de combustible de sus ductos Pemex pierde mas de 30,000 millones de pesos anuales (aproximadamente 1,700 millones de dólares). Lo que no hicieron en los 18 años los tres presidentes anteriores Andrés Manuel López Obrador lo ah hecho en un mes, descubrir que el robo de gasolina a Pemex se gesta desde adentro con la ayuda de funcionarios de alto nivel directivo y sindical. Se menciona al general Eduardo León Trawis, subdirector de salvaguardar las propiedades de Pemex. Desde hace unas semanas AMLO anuncio medidas frontales para combatir el robo de combustible, el cual dio resultado con una reducción notable que significa un ahorro de 130 millones de dólares en tan solo unos dias para lograr esto que ha provocado desajustes en el subministro de varias regiones del país. Con el cierre de ductos se logra eliminar el suministro de gasolina robada y principalmente en la región de Guanajuato, Querétaro y Jalisco que son los estados con mayor robo de gasolina. Pemex revoco el permiso a 103 gasolineras. Pemex asegura que hay suficiente gasolina para surtir al país, pero como ahora se hace en pipas la distribución es mas lenta ya que no se usan los ductos.

El problema no para ahí, la tercera modalidad de robo es en barcos. Se han detectado decenas de embarcaciones que zarpan de Campeche (sur) y cruzan el golfo para llegar a Tamaulipas (noroeste). Estos grupos contratan exempleados de las plataformas petroleras y según López Obrador ya hay resultados. El martes 8 de enero, se registró el robo de 27 pipas. La cifra mas baja desde la expropiación petrolera de 1938.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, actual presidente de México, lo único que pide es calma a la población mexicana. Es preferible sufrir el desabasto de combustible y las incomodidades que eso causa a seguir sufriendo el robo tan sin medida que había estado ocurriendo durante las ultimas décadas.

Por: Angel Reyes


The Theft of the Century

Rows of up to two kilometers of cars waiting to load gasoline, hundreds of gas stations closed for lack of fuel, is the scene in recent days in several states of Mexico affected by the shortage of gasoline. The problem arose after the new government’s plan to combat the fuel theft networks created in recent decades, in which, according to the AMLO government, Mexican oil employees (PEMEX) participate. According to official data, the theft of fuel causes the state lost about 60,000 million pesos annually (about 3,000 million dollars). It was an old suspicion. Many believed that the growing theft of fuel could not be done without the help of Pemex employees. AMLO said that within the company was found a network dedicated to steal hydrocarbons, especially gasoline. The group extracted daily the equivalent of 600 tank cars known as pipes with a capacity of 15,000 liters each, independently of Huachicoleó (milking ducts). According to the director of Pemex for the theft of fuel from its pipelines Pemex loses more than 30,000 million pesos annually (approximately 1,700 million dollars. What the last three presidents could not do in the last 18 years, Andrés Manuel López Obrador was able to do in a month, discover that the stealing of gasoline from Pemex is developed from within with the help of officials of senior management and union. General Eduardo León Trawis, deputy director of safeguarding Pemex properties, is mentioned. Since a few weeks AMLO announced frontal measures to combat fuel theft, which resulted in a significant reduction that means a saving of 130 million dollars in just a few days to achieve this that has caused imbalances in the sub minister of several regions from the country. With the closing of pipelines, it is possible to eliminate the supply of stolen gasoline and mainly in the regions of Guanajuato, Queretaro and Jalisco, which are the states with the highest theft of gasoline. Pemex revoked the permit to 103 gas stations. Pemex ensures that there is enough gasoline to supply the country, but as it is now done in pipes the distribution is slower since the pipelines are not used.

The problem does not stop there, the third type of theft is in boats. Dozens of boats have been detected that sail from Campeche (south) and cross the gulf to reach Tamaulipas (northwest). These groups hire former employees of the oil platforms and according to López Obrador there are already results. On Tuesday, January 8, the theft of 27 pipes was recorded. The lowest figure since the oil expropriation of 1938.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, current president of Mexico, only asks the Mexican population to remain calm. It is preferable to suffer the shortage of fuel and the discomfort that causes instead of continuing to suffer the theft without measure that had been occurring during the last decades.

By: Angel Reyes