One thought on “People Gotta Eat!

  1. Dear Brian,

    I wrote you a letter today to the effect that Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church will cancel our May 2, 2020 soup kitchen project, and instead asking what you could use. Please respond to the letter when you get it at the address I specified, and let me know what we can get to you. We just can’t make the volume of sandwiches that normally get put together. I can provide sliced bologna, up to 180 lbs, if you think you can store that much. That typically uses 200 loaves of bread, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. I didn’t think to include bologna, bread or mustard in the letter, but I see you ask specifically for it in the “People Gotta Eat” subsection wish list. I can get each of these items to you around May 2, 2020. Just lemme know.

    Best regards,
    Quentin Peterson

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