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El Robo del Siglo//The Theft of the Century

El Robo del Siglo El Robo del Siglo   Filas hasta de dos kilómetros de autos a la espera de cargar gasolina, cientos de gasolineras cerradas por falta de combustible, es el escenario en los últimos días en varios estados de México afectados por el desabasto de gasolina. El problema surgió después de el plan […]

Why do people migrate?// ¿Porqué emigramos?

By Poncho Moro Poncho is a regular here at Casa Maria. Most immigrants flee their country in search of a better future for their families. They search for a social justice that can rarely be found. A social justice that has been neglected in their country of birth. In some cases, these people cross three […]


Cesar Aguirre who lives and works hard on a daily basis at Casa Maria is an amazing rapper and makes his voice be heard by composing songs that expresses his feelings against injustice. Cesar has composed many mesmerizing songs that relate to every day struggles in the barrio. From everyone at Casa Maria, we wish […]

If I had my way

  If you didn’t already know Cesar Aguirre AKA Ceaze, who lives and works at Casa Maria with his two daughters, is also a rapper. But he doesn’t waste his talent rapping about nonsense, or glorifying drugs, alcohol and violence. He uses his talent to spread messages that matter, messages that impact the community. He […]

¿Quién es AMLO?\\Who is AMLO?

Por Ángel Reyes AMLO es Andrés Manuel López Obrador, que actualmente está corriendo por la presidencia de México, con el partido político que el fundo en 2014, MORENA (Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional) También es conocido como el Peje, otros lo llaman el mesías, o la esperanza de México. López Obrador empezó su Carrera política a […]


by Brian Flagg Of course the Jubilee Year of Mercy needs to not just be talked about, or prayed about, it needs to be fleshed out, made incarnate if you will… We know of at least one parish who has a plan to do just that! Fr. Miguel Mariano, pastor of St. Odilias on the […]


by Brian Flagg In case you didn’t know, Pope Francis declared a Year of Jubilee that begins today, December 8th, 2015. The theme of the Jubilee Year is Mercy! In the ancient tradition of a year of Jubilee, slaves and prisoners were to be freed, debts would be forgiven, land and possessions would be returned […]