Sacrificing the Many for the Privilege of a Few

by Gene Martinez Historically, crises have consistently exposed deeper realities of power and inequity that have always been present but are either disregarded or otherwise hidden during ordinary times. The COVID -19 pandemic has done just that. It is not just a health crisis; it is a crisis rooted in our very system of capitalism.Continue reading “Sacrificing the Many for the Privilege of a Few”

¡Vamos Hachando le Ganas con Positividad!

Mi opinión del Covid-19 es que las personas de bajo recursos estamos batallando más por no tener el trabajo para poder llevar nuestra comida para casa. En algunas familias nomas están trabajando, mama o papa, solo una persona, y eso no alcanza para todas las necesidades. A mí me da mucha tristeza los niños cuandoContinue reading “¡Vamos Hachando le Ganas con Positividad!”

Corona Virus and the Dangers of Ecofacism

By Citlali Ramirez The Coronavirus outbreak has exposed many flaws not only in our governmental and economic structures, but also in our societal structures and the way in which people interact with and react to the world. I have recently seen posts and tweets circulating social media claiming that the minor but noticeable improvements inContinue reading “Corona Virus and the Dangers of Ecofacism”

We’ve Gotta Know The Issues, Stay WOKE!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been extremely hard for me to deal with. I struggle with depression and anxiety, being locked up in my home alone is where I sometimes want to be, but it’s not the healthiest place for me. This pandemic also hits home because my mom has respiratory issues and a weak immuneContinue reading “We’ve Gotta Know The Issues, Stay WOKE!”