If I had my way

  If you didn’t already know Cesar Aguirre AKA Ceaze, who lives and works at Casa Maria with his two daughters, is also a rapper. But he doesn’t waste his talent rapping about nonsense, or glorifying drugs, alcohol and violence. He uses his talent to spread messages that matter, messages that impact the community. HeContinue reading “If I had my way”

Stegeman and the Attack of MAS

By Sarah Launius I got this mailer delivered to my home recently. My first thought was: Why would anyone want to bring attention to the fact that Michael Hicks thinks you’re a great board member? And then as I actually read the excerpts from Hicks and Carolyn Cox it made much more sense. The mailer is reallyContinue reading “Stegeman and the Attack of MAS”

What’s the “CHANGE” being offered?

By Cesar Aguirre There’s been so much negative talk about TUSD leading to the election that it’s been hard for our barrio to make sense of what we hear in the news and what we’ve experienced. I know Michael Hicks goes on right-wing radio and calls Superintendent Sanchez “King Sanchez” – suggesting that he rulesContinue reading “What’s the “CHANGE” being offered?”

TUSD Candidate Forum – School Closures

We asked candidates: Do you believe closing and consolidating schools is a practical approach to addressing a budget shortfall and will you protect the over $1 million in Magnet funding that South and West Side schools receive? ¿Creés que la clausura y combinación de escuelas es una estrategia práctica para abordar una escasez presupuestal yContinue reading “TUSD Candidate Forum – School Closures”

RAZA Beware! / Raza, ¡tengan cuidado!

By Brian Flagg Someone I know saw this at a southside yard. The point is that Mark Stegeman and Betts Putnam-Hidalgo are working hand-in-hand with Republican Margaret Burkholder and wealthy Republicans such as Jim Click. He and others have raised $35,000 to fund a so-called independent committee whose focus is to change the school board.Continue reading “RAZA Beware! / Raza, ¡tengan cuidado!”


by Cesar Aguirre It seems things are getting interesting in the TUSD governing board elections. Last week I wrote a piece titled TO REALLY UNDERSTAND TUSD BOARD ELECTION READ DAVID SAFIER, NOT JUST DAILY STAR because I feel that the mainstream media does a poor job in covering this years elections. I’ve been following the KGUN 9 NewsContinue reading “BIG MONEY VS. THE PEOPLE / LOS ADINERADOS CONTRA EL PUEBLO”

Thank you to all / Gracias a todos!

Thank you to the over 140 people who joined the Casa Maria Voter Project at the final TUSD School Board Candidate Forum on Thursday, October 13 at the Capilla de Guadalupe. Gracias a las más de 140 personas que acompañaron a Casa María en el Foro de los Candidatos para la Mesa Directiva de lasContinue reading “Thank you to all / Gracias a todos!”


Acompañenos para la cena y una conversación sobre la educacion publica en nuestro barrio. Conoce los candidatos que quieren ser elegidos para la mesa directiva de TUSD y preguntales si van a luchar por las escuelas en el barrio. Aprende por que estas eleccion son tan importantes y acerca de que podemos hacer para defenderContinue reading “FORO DE CANDIDATOS DE TUSD / TUSD CANDIDATE FORUM”


After reading an article in the Star I decided to reach out to some real teachers to get their perspective on the current situation with teachers’ wages in Tucson. Julie Elvick is a 4th/5th grade teacher at Ochoa Community Magnet School and has over 20 years experience as an educator. My daughter Alissa had theContinue reading “GREAT TEACHERS LOVE TO TEACH // LOS MEJORES MAESTROS AMAN LA ENSEÑANSA”