Stegeman and the Attack of MAS


By Sarah Launius

I got this mailer delivered to my home recently. My first thought was: Why would anyone want to bring attention to the fact that Michael Hicks thinks you’re a great board member? And then as I actually read the excerpts from Hicks and Carolyn Cox it made much more sense. The mailer is really just a barely “coded” attempt to communicate to Anglos that a new board majority, which includes Stegeman, will sway away from concerns of the majority, students of color it serves. Hicks says that Stegeman is necessary to change the current majority – away from Adelita, Kristel and Cam and, I suppose, their commitments to community out of the way. Carolyn says Mark fights for “accurate American History.” This isn’t even a veiled attack against Ethnic Studies and Mark Stegeman places it right on top.  Let’s be real clear about what’s on the table here. Stegeman and Hicks want to finish the job and they need to flip the majority to do it.

Finally, let’s not forget what’s at stake and why it’s important.


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One thought on “Stegeman and the Attack of MAS

  1. Oddly enough, David, as a proponent of accurate American history, I think that means including the contributions of all ethnic communities in the curriculum. This is why I taught and promote the teaching of Black History, Women’s History, Indigenous People’s History, Mexican-American Studies, and Pan-Asian-American History. For 40 years we have worked to make American History more inclusive than just the works of white men. I think you need to ask Ms Cox what her definition is rather than ascribing to Mark and Mike “coded language.”

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