What’s the “CHANGE” being offered?

By Cesar Aguirre
There’s been so much negative talk about TUSD leading to the election that it’s been hard for our barrio to make sense of what we hear in the news and what we’ve experienced.
I know Michael Hicks goes on right-wing radio and calls Superintendent Sanchez “King Sanchez” – suggesting that he rules the district with an iron fist and that he lies to board members Stegeman and Hicks. I know too that Stegeman and Hicks have never spoken for me or my barrio. I also know that it can be really convenient in a city like Tucson to attack a young, brown leader calling him corrupt and shady.
Why is this important? Well, how the election goes on November 8 will effect who makes up the board majority. That board majority essentially functions as the Superintendent’s boss. Would you want to work for a board majority that includes Michael Hicks? I doubt HT Sanchez would.
As a parent I’ve seen a positive change since HT Sanchez came to the district and I can only assume that the “Change the Board” people actually want to roll this back. So I asked another engaged Ochoa parent if she felt there was a difference since Superintendent Sanchez came to TUSD, here’s what she had to say.

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