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By Cesar Aguirre, Last week Governor Ducey spoke to some of the state’s highest ranking business groups: Greater Phoenix Leadership, the Flagstaff Forty and the Southern Arizona Leadership Council. This probably doesn’t surprise you, but Ducey’s threat to the group might. He made it very clear that if any of the business groups tried practicing […]


By Cesar Aguirre, A few months back I remember my daughter Alissa coming to me with much excitement to tell me about a remarkable woman they were studying in history. She was fascinated by the strong will of this female role model and all of the accomplishments achieved by her in spite of her disabilities. […]

Congratulations to Barbie Urias

By Brian Flagg, Congratulations to Barbie Urias, long time South Tucsonan and soldier in the struggle. She also gets the coffee out to all our diners at 6:45 every morning. After raising 7 kids and 19 grandchildren, she has finally finished college! She is graduating from Pima College with a degree making her a Paralegal […]


by Cesar Aguirre Last night I was organizing things in my room when I ran across an article I was quoted in regarding standardized testing and parents’ right to opt-out The one thing I must say before I go on is that, despite what the title says, I am not against testing. I only […]

OUR GOVERNOR IS AN ARROGANT MAN- and he has a lot of nerve

OUR GOVERNOR IS AN ARROGANT MAN- and he has a lot of nerve By Brian Flagg, This week he went to an elementary school in Phoenix, and talked about the importance of early childhood development and all day kindergarten and then, with a straight face, says there is no money for these things. Same thing […]


by Cesar (Big Cesar) Aguirre My usual weekend, going to Tucson from Ajo and helping out at Casa Maria when I can. This past weekend my son unexpectedly asked me to join him for a book study gathering at Brian’s. I was hesitant to go but I did anyway (my best move of the day). […]

Bravo to TUSD Board Member Kristel Foster

By Brian Flagg, Bravo to TUSD Board Member Kristel Foster for her heartfelt, courageous and confrontational (in an extremely positive way) letter to the editor (Star, 2-15-2015). If you missed it, she calls out fellow board member Mike Hicks for his support of SB1371, which would eliminate $64 from the district. He isn’t the […]