by Cesar Aguirre

On the second page of today’s Daily Star (12/2/14) the headline reads, “State reviewing TUSD on Mexican American Studies”. This is because Augustine Romero was baited into an argument over whether or not Mexican American Studies had returned to TUSD in the form of a federally required Culturally Relevant Curriculum (CRC) that is being implemented because of a 40 year old desegregation lawsuit. Augustine Romero is the new principal at Pueblo High school and from where we sit, on the south side of Tucson, we see a man who is passionate about educational justice, who fights for the rights of those students without a voice, and works tirelessly fighting for our south side schools and communities.

I totally understand “losing it” when it comes to something that you are passionate about. That is exactly the type of leader we need to make a difference. I feel the real news is on page 8 of today’s Star, “Defunct program linked to student Achievement”. UofA professor Nolan Cabrera did a study that describes how the dismantled Mexican American Studies program “helped students with low performance in their freshman and sophomore years of high school succeed when they participated as juniors and seniors.” Not only that but he also found direct links to higher graduation rates and higher test scores (

We must keep in mind what this is really about, the achievement of our minority students ( The district is trying to do what they are ordered by the Federal court by making sure that CRC is available at all schools in the district, but now here comes the right winged politicians from Phoenix destroying anything good that we do for our kids in Tucson. Isn’t it bad enough that these people who control the state are already killing our public schools? They continue to cut funds making it harder for those of us trying to climb out of poverty to educate our kids, with slogans like “school choice”, the voucher programs and of course the charter school movement.

I believe that fear drives this, young minorities thinking critically and questioning everything scares the people in power over them. The work force of tomorrow which the ruling class envision is one of apathy and following orders without question. Noam Chomsky backs me up on this! ( I want my kids to question everything, and I’m sure you do too. So let’s get behind TUSD and its passionate leaders, like Augie, to make sure that the state does not continue to rob our children of the education and opportunities that all people deserve.


  1. A sad, un intended consequence of everyone’s passion for this program, wanting it back in schools is that now, the State’s ears are up and it’s nose is back in our business:(

  2. Principal Romero has sold out this community and. No. Amount of apologizing and making excuses for him will change this reality. I am deeply offended that Casa Maria would come to his defense after he attacked the teachers who have been doing the work in the community for many years; way before Auggie Romero was involved in any way. Romero has committed an academic fraud by taking credit for other people’s jard work, including my own. He continues to make over $100,000K a year from the taxpayers, his reward for working on Adelita and Raul’s campaigns. Political patronage and privilege is the only reason that Romero hs the powerful position that he has in our community as Principal of Pueblo High School. Shame on Casa Maria for taking sides with the rich and powerful, politically well-connected over the Mexican American Studies teachers who have been helping our youth for many years before Romero showed up and was put into positions of power in TUSD by Adelita Grijalva.

  3. I hate when good people get used and manipulated by others for political reasons. I hope the author of this article, will take the time to meet the teachers that Augie Romero yelled at and threatened. He may be surpised when he finds out the truth! Shame on Romero for playing the powerless victim while in reality he is the aggressor. Watch the video again and ask yourself, what , would happen if a student acted like Principal Romero? They would most certainly be arrested; especially now that Adelita Grijalva and her majority on the School Board just voted to place full time Tucson Poluce Officers in our TUSD Schools on the SOUTH and WEST sides of town. Yes, you read it correctly, the ? Grijalvistas are helping TPD to criminalize our youth! Pay attention man! Don’t just regurgitate whatever the Grijalva fart sniffers are saying because they have an agenda, and their agenda is not about helping the p we ople. Theur agenda is all about protecting each otherand the machine.

  4. If you watch the video, there is no sign of this gentleman being “baited” into anything. What you see is him treating MAS educators with contempt. it’s disappointing to see anyone attempting to shift blame for his behavior to others, especially to the very people he was treating disrespectfully.

  5. If TUSD would have complied the USP, we would already have the CRC (MAS light) in our all our high schools and on their way to middle and elementary classroom. The community met with the plaintiffs and the Special Master over a period of time to come up with a plan that both parties agreed to. After community input the Unitary Status Plan was implemented…until the arrival of HT Sanchez. A Super who WAS NOT involved in any part of the struggle against HB2281 or the community meetings threw his “monkey wrench” into the mix. He decided to put his “brand” on the classes, which only delayed implementation and resulted in many of our youth not having access to the classes. With the support of the board majority and with his leadership he created the thorn in the side of our district called Auggie Romero. Trying to lay blame on anyone but themselves is ridiculous. Take care of business or get out of the way.

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