Contrary to what you might read in the newspaper, IT’S A NEW DAY IN TUCSON UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT-


By Brian Flagg,

There is now a new three person board majority that replaced Superintendant John Pedicone with a new Superintendent, H.T. Sanchez.

H.T. has provided a new type of leadership. He has spearheaded a pay rise for teachers, reduced class size, aggressively defended the Culturally Relevant Curriculum from new attacks from the North, and refused to give up more legal fees for de-segregation lawyers who have milked the de-segregation lawsuit for 40 years. He and the Board are trying to use desegregation dollars to provide for increased academic achievement at magnet schools instead of only trying to integrate them, which is a lost cause in a district that is more than 70% minority.

Transparency is of utmost importance. But I agree with the Board majority who likened hiring an outside auditor to giving more money for bureaucrats.

TUSD parents, students and the larger community definitely support their schools, and they are beginning to have reasons to trust the new leadership in TUSD.

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