I Heard You Followed em’ with a Bullhorn,

by John Miles, Brian, Cesar and Jimmy So yesterday there was a meeting about the development of the Ronstadt Transit Center. It was billed as “Pre Proposal Conference and Site Visit.” Our understanding was that it was a public meeting for developers to ask questions of the city bureaucrats. For this reason the Bus RidersContinue reading “I Heard You Followed em’ with a Bullhorn,”

A letter to the Mayor

by Suzanne Shafer This is an excerpt from a letter sent last week by Suzanne Shafer form the Bus Riders Union to Mayor Rothschild regarding this lame concept the bureaucrats refer to as “elasticity.” From letter to Jonathan Rothschild 02-18-2014, . . . how is the projected increase in revenue from fare increases being calculated?Continue reading “A letter to the Mayor”