by Cesar Aguirre Across the country gentrification has been affecting inner-city communities. From Brooklyn to San Francisco inner-city communities have been taken over by moneyed interests. Some claim that it is development and improvement of poor, blighted communities with high crime rates and homelessness. But for those of us who live here it pushes us […]

If you live in the City of Tucson you have until May 10th to drop your ballot in the mail. Check out Brian’s op-ed in the Daily Star (click here)

by Brian Flagg Today, May 1, the feast day of St. Joseph the Worker and International Workers Day, is the 84 year anniversary of the start of the Catholic Worker movement! On this day in 1933, in the midst of the Great Depression, Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin and others went to the May Day celebration […]

by Brian Flagg In recent months I have tried to make a deal with God that goes something like this: “If I clean up my act and be less egotistic and more holy, gimme spiritual power to wage major warfare against local oppressors and moneyed interests.” This past Holy Week I have come to see […]

by Brian Flagg As a white guy who grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles I always figured I had no real culture, I never even hung out at the mall or none of that stuff. But I did grow up surfing San Onofre with my dad and all my little surf-rat friends. And […]

by Cesar Aguirre State lawmakers passed a bill Thursday that makes all of Arizona’s 1.1 million students eligible for vouchers, which divert tax dollars out of public schools and into private and parochial schools. Vouchers were originally passed in 2011 to provide parents who have children with special needs an alternative to public schools. Since […]

This is a letter to the editor on the most recent National Catholic Reporter, one of my favorite sources of news. -Brian Flagg Protest Coverage It was disheartening to see how NCR covered recent national protests in the Feb. 10-23 edition. The front-page article, “Catholics find their voice as Trump debuts,” showed a small group of “pro-life” […]