by Brian Flagg It is wrong, sinful and unjust to cleanse the downtown of poor and working people. Let’s be real. Many, maybe not all, developers cashing in on downtown gentrification have wanted to see the Ronstadt Transit Center disappear. They claim it is not the best and highest use of that prized pieceContinue reading “NO CLASS CLEANSING of DOWNTOWN TUCSON”

Lessons I’ve Learned from Riding the Bus

by Ellen Courtney One way to see how the other half lives is to ride the bus.  A few years back, I was a regular commuter on Sun Tran, and I’ve traveled back and forth to El Paso on the “dog” (the Greyhound) a number of times in the past couple of years.  I confessContinue reading “Lessons I’ve Learned from Riding the Bus”

Pima County Interfaith Candidate Forum

by Kassandra Manriquez To keep the Ronstadt or do away with it, to keep bus fares affordable or butcher the budgets of Tucson’s poorest … On Sunday October 6, over 300 community members sat in front of several City Council members at Sacred Heart Parish who were present to discuss JobPath, Sun Tran bus fares, and the developmentContinue reading “Pima County Interfaith Candidate Forum”

Karin Uhlich and Richard Fimbres to speak at PCIC Community Issues Accountability Session

Casa Maria needs your help! Please attend this meeting! Pima County Interfaith Council is counting on 300 people to show up. City Council candidates including incumbents Karin Uhlich and Richard Fimbres will be present to answer questions concerning the rise in bus fares and the future of the Ronstadt Transit Center. Casa Maria is aContinue reading “Karin Uhlich and Richard Fimbres to speak at PCIC Community Issues Accountability Session”

City Council Votes to Move Development of Ronstadt Forward

by Brian Flagg and Jimmy Ojeda “A Ronstadt Transit Center for Everyone” is turning into a Ronstadt Center for developers, politicians, and organized money. The Tucson Bus Riders Union (TBRU) has always advocated for a “downtown for everyone,” including the Ronstadt Transit Center.  The vision of TBRU is to keep the Ronstadt as a place where everyone is welcome despiteContinue reading “City Council Votes to Move Development of Ronstadt Forward”

Tucson Bus Riders Union: Film Screening August 30

The Tucson Bus Riders Union presents: Bus Riders Union A documentary that follows the Los Angeles Bus Riders Union for 3 key years of struggle, documenting the fight against transit racism and their struggle in the streets and on the buses in Los Angeles. Join us for a film screening: When: Friday, August 30, 7pmContinue reading “Tucson Bus Riders Union: Film Screening August 30”