by Brian Flagg,

Thanks to Councilman Kozachik, Darren DaRonco and The Daily Star for telling the truth and giving some perspective on what have been budget priorities for the City of Tucson. (Top police, fire officials cash in on sick leave, Sunday April 6, 2014)

This story was about how the City spent nearly $5 million buying back unused sick days from some of the highest paid police officers and firefighters the past two years – and spent another $2 million in what the city attorney now says were illegal pension contributions for those un-worked days.

If you missed the story go to:

The highlight of the story was Steve Kozachik saying, “The purpose of a sick day is so someone doesn’t take a hit when they’re out sick,” “they shouldn’t be used as an annual Christmas bonus for those at the top of the pay scale.” Kozachik said with budget cuts on the table this year, he is going to call on his colleagues to end the practice. “The council can’t be nickel – and – diming bus fares for poor people and leave this kind of money for the top of the food chain.”

Our prayer is that the Spirit is moving in the hearts of our elected officials, that their priorities in the budget they are working on will provide for the least among us.


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