The Tucson Bus Riders Union is having a News Conference on

Day:            May 5th, Monday

Time:          11:30 A.M.

Place:          In front of City Hall

To decry service cuts to 11 Sun Tran routes and to point out how these cuts will seriously impact minority and low-income residents of Tucson.

The Council will consider this issue at their May 6th meeting.

For more information contact:Cesar Aguirre       (520) 878-3044

Mark Blake          (480) 482-9067



Please join the Bus Riders Union for the PUBLIC HEARING on the CITY BUDGET Tuesday May 6th, 5p.m. at City Hall (255 W. Alameda).

Your presence will make the point to the politicians that it is NOT OK to CUT BUS ROUTES!

Wear your yellow Bus Riders Union shirt!

Or join the Union at this time and receive a shirt and membership card with your picture on it!

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