List of Allies that will be present at the Bus Riders Union Appreciation Party

May 20th, at 5:00 p.m. City Hall


Service Employees International Union (SEIU)                             Maya Castillo

Pima County Interfaith Council (PCIC)                       Rev. Tom Tureman, Most Holy Trinity

El Rio Health Center Board                                                    Pete Reisinger, BS, MBA. President

ACCESS Tucson                                                                                    Lisa Horner, Director

Sustainable Tucson                                                                              Susan Willis

Southside Worker Center                                                                   Alex Valenzuela

Primavera Foundation                                                                        Alonzo Morado

Living Streets Alliance (LSA)                                                   Emily Yetman, Executive Director

Save the Scenic Santa Ritas                                                                Gayle Hartmann

A Philip Randolph Institute (APRI)                                                 Samuel Newsome

Jobs with Justice                                                                                  Steve Valencia

Compass Affordable Housing                                                            Mary Ann Beerling

Casa San Juan                                                                                       Idalia Cuestas

Sonoran Desert Protection Coalition                                               Carolyn Campbell

Southern Arizona Transit Advocates                                       AZ State Senator, Steve Farley

The GLOO Factory                                                                              Dwight Metzgr

Derechos Humanos                                                                            Amanda Garces

Pueblo H.S. Mecha                                                                             Sally Rusk

Veterans for Peace                                                                               Jon Miles

Teamsters, Local 104                                                                        Dan Linhart

Downtown Neighborhoods and Residents Council (DNARC)              Liz Burden

Armory Park Neighborhood                                                             Susan Coldwell

Barrio Centro Neighborhood                                                           Ivo Ortiz

West University Neighborhood Association (WUNA)               Chris Ganz

Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association                                   Joan Hall

El Rio Neighborhood Association                                                  Dennis Williams

Risner and Graham                                                                           Bill Risner

SAFE Park                                                                                           Jon McLane

Green for All                                                                                       Madeline Kiser

Rincon Congregational Church                                                      Rev. Tracy Hughes

St. Johns Catholic Church                                                                Dr. Leonardo Basurto

Guadalupanas/ Grupo de Oracion                                                  Carmelita Trujillo

Jesus, Mary and Joseph Bookstore                                                 Gyle Sims

3rd Order Franciscans                                                                         Juan Nelson

Alliance for Global Justice                                                                 Chuck Kaufman


Not Yet Confirmed

Sierra Club                                                                                          Lee Oler

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)                       Paul Rubin

Pan Left                                                                                               Ron Austin

Revolutionary Grounds Coffee House                                          Paul Gattone

Barrio Viejo                                                                                         Pedro Gonzales

Iron Horse Neighborhood Association                                         Maria Cadaxa

Painted Hills Neighborhood Association                                     Bruce Gungle

Pats Cakes                                                                                           Becky Lujan

Tucson Education Association (TEA)                                           Francis Banales

Peter Woods Counseling Office                                                      Peter Woods

Old Pueblo Printers                                                                          Albert Elias

Julia Keen Neighborhood Association                                        Mark Mayer

Southside Presbyterian Church                                                    Rev. Alison Harrington


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