by Brian Flagg,

I agree with Eugene Robinsons’ brilliant column in Friday’s Daily Star “MLK’s call for economic justice rings true today as well.”

Also today’s piece in the Star by Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez “All labor has dignity: Remembering icon’s vision of worth” is really right-on.

By the time the brother was assassinated, he was onto seeing civil rights in the larger context of economic justice.

And he didn’t just see. He preached, he proclaimed and he acted in solidarity with workers, he organized!!! and he came out against the Vietnam War.

He was a true prophet and he was thee model for fleshing out the Gospel in modern times. He was assassinated by the Powers that be, just like Jesus. They both threatened the profits of the rich and powerful and paid the price.

I and we at Casa Maria have great respect and admiration for the Holy Fathers’ prophetic and loving way of living out the Gospel.

But the greater prophet and Gospel practitioner of modern times has been Martin Luther King Jr.

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