Cesar Chaves 1

By Brian Flagg,

Contrary to the op-ed in today’s Star, this is not how you honor Cesar Chavez.

He was a great labor ORGANIZER.

His work was rooted in the experience of oppressed Brown workers, specifically farm workers.

His life was about analyzing the power structure that oppressed his people and ORGANIZING to force politicians and rich people to do some justice.

Way too often charity and volunteerism are offered up to the rank and file of society as solutions to the scourge of poverty, racism and income inequality in the U.S.A.

Too often charity and volunteerism lead people to feel satisfied, like we are doing something about the injustice, while the truth is that it lulls people into accepting the grossly unjust status quo.

Let us get smart and become critical thinkers.

Let us get political.

Let us ORGANIZE among poor workers to force change, like SEIU is doing nationwide with the Fight for 15 Campaign ($15 an hour for all workers, including fast food workers).


VIVA Councilwoman REGINA ROMERO for leading the fight to establish the Cesar Chavez Holiday in the City of Tucson!

One comment

  1. read last week’s L.A. Times. There is a story of the man who is leading the strike against the berry growers in Mexico. Apparently he learned how to organize by working with the farmworkers in florida. It is a beautiful story. the Mexican growers don’t know what to do with this. It is not the way workers revolt. They are tougher than the American growers but the workers, I believe, will win.

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