Fight for $15! Wednesday April 15, 2015

Voces de Casa Maria


Casa Maria supports the Fight for $15 national effort to increase wages paid for workers across the country.

This is truly a moral issue.

$15 an hour for all workers, including fast food workers, would go a long way toward authentic economic development.

The Tucson action will join at least 200 cities around the US and the world holding similar events. Below is information about our local event.


11:00 AM

ASSEMBLE at the intersection of Speedway and Campbell (we are hoping to occupy all four corners.).

MARCH west on the North Side of Speedway approximately one block to the McDonalds on that side of the street.

RALLY with speakers, striking Fast Food Workers, and perhaps a song or two. Following this rally, we will

PROCEED another block to the underpass under Speedway leading to the University of Arizona Campus.

REASSEMBLE on the UofA Mall, we will…

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