¡Viene Papa Francisco! The Pope is Coming!

Francis, bully pulpit

from National Catholic Reporter, July 31-Aug13, 2015

And we beg you to read the front page story from the same issue at: http://ncronline.org/news/global/will-pope-francis-strong-message-meet-resistance-us 

We at the Casa Maria Catholic Worker feel that this story is an affirmation of our ministry from a most humble and holy man.

We also take it as  a challenge to humble ourselves, deepen our faith in Jesus, and walk with Him further and more fearlessly to the margins of this beautiful hell-forsaken world.



Casa Maria quiere que todos lean esta historia de la National Catholic Reporter at: http://ncronline.org/news/global/will-pope-francis-strong-message-meet-resistance-us El Titulo es ¿La mensaje muy fuerte del Papa va a juntar resistencia en Los Estados Unidos?

En Casa Maria sentimos que esta historia es una afirmacion de nuestro ministerio de un hombre muy humilde y santo.

Tambien es una desafio a ser humildes, tener mas fe y menos miedo.


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