by Coach Sanchez


This story can be about any group of kids who get turned away from any sporting activities due to insufficient funding, but today its about the group of kids who live in Barrio Oscurro (6th ave and Bilby area) and the sport is futbol. Most of these kids parents live check to check and cant afford to pay $100 + to register so most soccer clubs say if you don’t pay you cant play. How unfortunate right, but if you read between the lines what races and groups are targeted by these fees?

To shorten it up a bit I started my own league and I have a few great dads who stand with me and help direct these young men onto a successful route and not just deliver them to the streets to become one more statistic which is what happens when you turn them down for such a shameful  reason as insufficient funding !!!!

We have been an active team in seasonal and tournament play for over a year now no fees just soccer 🙂 I started out with 13 kids now i have 60 under my wing,from 1 team to 3 teams. I just cant turn down any of the kids that show up for practice because I know what comes next for them and so do you. If your reading this, people with the power, lets change this issue and invest in our kids after all they are the future!!!!!!!!

Most importantly, a huge role played in this story by the Law offices of Rubin Salter and Casa Maria for making this possible on behalf of my community we thank you!!

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