About six years ago I was inspired by my cousin, Young Natt, to pick up the pen and pad and write raps again. At the time I was my cousins manager/promoter and he asked me to fill in a verse for him on a song that he was recording about the mothers’ of his kids. Even though we never recorded the song, the verse I wrote made me realize two things: 1. I still got it. and  2. I still love it.

Rapping was something I loved to do as a youth. Hip hop was my life. At 13 I shared a small 8′ x 10′ bedroom with my brother. All that fit in our room was our bunk beds and a dresser. On top of the dresser sat 2 large woofers, 2 cd decks, a dual tape deck, and my mixing board and mics. We had room for nothing else, but all that mattered was the music.

I’m so thankful that my cousin helped to relight the flame inside of me to do what I love.

Today we still work with what we’ve got to make it happen. I have multiple projects I’m working on.

Young Natt and I recently released a mixtape titled Poetry In Poverty which you can find at Bookmans, Zia’s, Liquor Dan’s on 6th and Bilby or T&T Market on 6th and 31st. My debut solo mixtape titled Comin’ Up 4 Air will be out before the summer.

A am also working on a collaboration with Casa Maria’s Rich Hopkins which is a new experience for me and I am very excited about it.

Stepping out of the box was a little scary at first but now I’m anxious for new experiences.

Ochoa Elementary has a great rhythm and beats studio teacher named Alfie (aka Quihauitl) who is a very talented drummer and musician. We have come together to see what our creative juices mixed together can create.

Here is a little sample of one the songs we’ve recently created. Quihauitl composed the music and I wrote most of the lyrics.

Hope y’all enjoy it:

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