Jesus acted kinda like Ernie Lujan?

ErnieErnie was born and raised on Tucson’s Southside and is a pillar of the Santa Cruz Catholic Church. He is a manager at Purcell Tires and cooks one Sunday a month here along with his wife Becky. He is without a doubt the #1 FOOD EXPERT at Casa Maria! He knows and loves everything about all kinds of food!

This article ‘Lifegiving Bread’ by Brian Doyle in America magazine (3/28/16) makes me think that Jesus also was enamored of food kinda like Ernie! Only maybe he was a bit more skinny.

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Ernie nacio y crecio en el sur de Tucson y es un pilar de la Iglesia Catolica Santa Cruz. El trabaja en Pursell Tires, y cocina un domingo cada mes aqui junto con su esposa Becky. El es sin duda el experto #1 en comida en Casa Maria! El sabe mucho de cocina!

Este articulo “Lifegiving food” de Brian Doyle en America Magazine (3/28/16) me hace pensar que Jesus tambien era un amante de la comida como Ernie! Solo que un poco mas delgado.

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2 thoughts on “Jesus acted kinda like Ernie Lujan?

  1. Today I’m going to try one he told me during conversation. Poco and mom’s on Kolb. He said that was the original one.

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