Jesus acted kinda like Ernie Lujan?

ErnieErnie was born and raised on Tucson’s Southside and is a pillar of the Santa Cruz Catholic Church. He is a manager at Purcell Tires and cooks one Sunday a month here along with his wife Becky. He is without a doubt the #1 FOOD EXPERT at Casa Maria! He knows and loves everything about all kinds of food!

This article ‘Lifegiving Bread’ by Brian Doyle in America magazine (3/28/16) makes me think that Jesus also was enamored of food kinda like Ernie! Only maybe he was a bit more skinny.

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Ernie nacio y crecio en el sur de Tucson y es un pilar de la Iglesia Catolica Santa Cruz. El trabaja en Pursell Tires, y cocina un domingo cada mes aqui junto con su esposa Becky. El es sin duda el experto #1 en comida en Casa Maria! El sabe mucho de cocina!

Este articulo “Lifegiving food” de Brian Doyle en America Magazine (3/28/16) me hace pensar que Jesus tambien era un amante de la comida como Ernie! Solo que un poco mas delgado.

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  1. Christine Duval · · Reply

    I’m going to test Ernie’s gift of places to go.

  2. Christine Duval · · Reply

    Today I’m going to try one he told me during conversation. Poco and mom’s on Kolb. He said that was the original one.

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