When Cynicism Overwhelms Public Process

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By Sarah Launius
PhD Candidate and Researcher in the School of Geography and Development at the UA

Dear Reader,

It is with apologies that I share that I gave bad information on the extent of the new Broadway bus pullout delays that bus riders will bear. City staff finally communicated at the 4/19 M&C meeting the expected time delays for Broadway with westbound delays of no more than 2 minutes 40 seconds and averaging 1 minute 35 seconds. Eastbound buses should experience no more than a 1 minute 20 second delay and average delay of 48 seconds. Given the increase of 13 new bus pullouts in the 2-mile stretch, I erroneously assumed that each pullout would produce this delay as the bus sought to get back into traffic. Instead, SunTran estimates that even with 10 new pullouts in one direction that the delay will be no more than 2:40 total…

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