NCR_3-24This is a letter to the editor on the most recent National Catholic Reporter, one of my favorite
sources of news.

-Brian Flagg

Protest Coverage

It was disheartening to see how NCR covered recent national protests in the Feb. 10-23 edition. The front-page article, “Catholics find their voice as Trump debuts,” showed a small group of “pro-life” supporters with “anti-abortion” signs, while Page 5 reviewed the massive Women’s March.

The bias is in NCR continuing to give such prominence to “anti-abortion” supporters. Let’s be clear that “anti-abortion” is not really “pro-life,” and that so-called “pro-life” supporters willfully ignore the vast array of national policies that contribute to the value and preservation of human life.

Let’s be clear that “pro-life” policies should include: responsible gun control, affordable universal health care, preservation of all clean air and clean water laws, diplomacy for war, ending the death penalty, efforts to combat climate change, a living wage for all working Americans, and guaranteed maternity leave. Let’s be clear that access to health care, maternity leave, and a living wage contribute directly to a woman’s capacity to choose life during pregnancy.

Let’s be clear that all of these measures preserve the dignity of all human life and are truly a “pro-life” platform. Let’s be clear that in it’s current scope, the national “pro-life” movement is simply “pro-birth”

Esta es una carta al editor en el National Catholic Reporter mas recenté, que es uno de mis periódicos favoritos.

-Brian Flagg

El articulo habla de lo triste que es ver como la NCR publico la protesta reciente de la edición de Febrero 10-23. Donde hablan de “pro-vida” con personas que están a favor de “anti-aborto”.

Hay que ser claros “Pro-vida” es tener pólizas que incluyan: control de armas, seguro de salud accesible, protección de leyes para mantener el agua y el aire limpios, quitar la pena de muerte, combatir el cambio de clima, un salario digno para la clase trabajadora, y una garantía de permiso de maternidad. El acceso de seguro medico, permiso de maternidad y el salario digno contribuye directamente a que la mujer elija tener a su bebe durante el embarazo. Y “anti-aborto” es a favor de dar a luz a un bebe y no a los recursos que se necesitan para vivir.



  1. I agree. But, women get to choose. Sorry. 😖

  2. Great editorial! If you are really prolife, support from conception to death no matter what the individual does. No more we want you have the baby but after birth y out are on your own

  3. There is definately a lot to find out about this subject.
    I really like all of the points you made. http://detective-greece.gr/

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