Contact Us/Contáctenos

Kitchen Address/Dirección de la cocina: 352 East 25th Street

Mailing Address/Dirección de envío: 401 East 26th Street
Tucson, AZ. 85713

Phone Number/Número de teléfono: (520) 624-0312

Voces de Casa Maria Email/Correo electrónico:

Casa Maria Email/Correo electrónico:


Hours of Operation/Horas de Operación:

Kitchen Hours/Cocina abierta: 8:30am – 11:30am ~ Open Everyday, but Thanksgiving and Christmas/Estamos abiertos todos los días excepto Thanksgiving y Navidad.

12 thoughts on “Contact Us/Contáctenos

  1. Is there anyone or any org doing something for the homeless guys (who are in the park nearby) on Thanksgiving day (since you are not open that day)?

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  3. Dear Casa Maria,
    I have made a memorial donation to your organization but misspelled the last name of the honoree. His name is Mark Pettit of Tucson, Az. My son Josh Pope was responsible for our choice of your organization. Best wishes for your continued ministry in these very trying times.
    Yours, Carleen Pope

  4. Not to be mean I am grateful for what “y’all” do. Today was my first time so I asked what’s the line lady tells me if I got Family I can get food. So I get in line the the tall skinny guy with long hair gives me a sack lunch I tell him I got Family at home I wanted a food bag. He gives me a dirty look throw down the sack lunch. There’s 3 old ladies in front of me he gives them their food which someone handed to him. When it was my turn he goes to the back n brings me a bag that he must of made himself I guess he thought I didn’t need the food or something cause all the fruit was spoiled the bread n Mexican bread things looked like he smashed em on purpose. EVERYBODY before n after me received a cake or some dessert eggs. I got rotted fruit on purpose smashed breads. I know it’s free thank you guys. But that was not right I felt like thats all my life is worth. I’m easily depressed I’m on Dialysis I receive my disability but it’s not cutting it wit rent n utilities n that being my only income. Again this was my 1st time going to you all for help n I was Greatly disappointed. I might go back for the lunch this time. Keep up the good work thank you All for your hard work.

  5. Brian Flag, the manager of the food kitchen Casa Marias on 401 E. 26th Street, Tucson Arizona this message is for you and to let everyone else know. . Please be kinder to the poor and needy that you serve. Your uncontrolled anger, at the poor and needy, which I have seen, and other people have seen, will only hurt the love and caring that your Casa Maria is suppose to be showing to the people you serve, not hatred towards the poor and needy who might have behavioural health issues, and might get upset when you don’t treat them human beings. . And please try to be fair in giving out the food to everyone, not just one particular group. Jesus would treat everyone equal. Please try to apply that to everyone who asks for food at your food center. Would Jesus treat these people the way you treat them or would he show love and compassion to all who ask for help.. Think again, before you lose your temper by screaming and hollering at them. Try to understand peoples feelings, and be more empathetic. I will pray for you that God gives you the strength to have peace and love in your heart and not judgement and hatred, when things don’t go your way. Best wishes.

  6. I have been volunteering the last three months on Wednesday because I was told it was the day volunteers are most needed. I was glad to help and several times I was asked to do different duties. This morning I got there and Brian told me to go to the other two house to help. On my way I saw one of the helpers carrying bins and I offered to help and take them to the distribution area. Brian again answered the door and told me “If you cannot obey my orders, then leave!” I was surprised by his manner and did not respond. I went to one of the other houses to help and then cleaned up the area outside of trash and food left over.
    I must confess that I was angered and humiliated by his manner. I think they have enough volunteers for that day and I think I will look to volunteer elsewhere.
    I do suggest that Brian consider his manner, not just to volunteers but also to the poor. We all have bad days and I am sure he is tired of so many years of service.
    Casa Maria is a wonderful help for the poor!

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