Your donations enable us to feed the community, to fight homelessness, and to organize to save our schools and for better conditions for Tucson bus riders! We always appreciate donations of many kinds. If you’d like to donate, please call us at (520) 624-0312, drop by our kitchen at 352 East 25th Street, or donate via mail or online!
Nos encantaria contar con su presencia en nuestra comunidad. Si usted desea ser volunario, por favor llene esta forma o llame a Casa Maria (520)624-0312.

Food Donation

Pinto beans, mayo, mustard, coffee, sugar, canned goods, fresh fruit, tomato sauce (or anything like it), fresh vegetables, any kind of meat, anything that would go in a bag lunch.  We can use almost anything.
Frijoles, mostaza, café, comida en lata, frutas frescas, salsa de tomate (o cualquier cosa de estas) vegetales frescos, cualquier clase de carne, cualquier cosa que pueda ponerse en una bolsa de lonche.

Clothing Donation

Men, Women, and Children’s clothes.  We accept almost anything including blankets and sleeping bags.  Items needs to be clean.
Pantalones de hombre, zapatos, calcetines, ropa interior, chaquetas, cobijas, bolsas de dormir, etc.

Hygiene Donation

Disposable razors, soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, etc.
Rastrillos desechables, jabones, shampos, cepillo de dientes, pasta, toallas, etc.

Financial Donation

You can write a check to: Casa Maria Catholic Worker  and mail it to: 401 East 26th Street. Tucson, AZ. 85713
Usted puede también escribir un cheque a: Casa María Catholic Worker  y enviarlo por el correo a: 401 East 26th Street.  Tucson, AZ. 85713

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