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If you have a story that you would like to share, please email us at We would love to hear your stories about your life and social justice, community organizing, or social justice theory. Your voices make our movement strong!

Si usted tiene una historia que te gustaría compartir, por favor envíenos un email a Nos encantaría escuchar sus historias acerca de su vida y la justicia social, la organización comunitaria, o la teoría de la justicia social. Sus voces hacen que nuestro movimiento fuerte!


One thought on “Submit a Story/Escribe tu historia

  1. 1.Brian Flagg, the manager of the food kitchen Casa Marias on 401 E. 26th Street, Tucson Arizona this message is for you and to let everyone else know. . Please be kinder to the poor and needy that you serve. Your uncontrolled anger, at the poor and needy, which I have seen, and other people have seen, will only hurt the love and caring that your Casa Maria is suppose to be showing to the people you serve, not hatred towards the poor and needy who might have behavioural health issues, and might get upset when you don’t treat them human beings. . And please try to be fair in giving out the food to everyone, not just one particular group. Jesus would treat everyone equal. Please try to apply that to everyone who asks for food at your food center. Would Jesus treat these people the way you treat them or would he show love and compassion to all who ask for help.. Think again, before you lose your temper by screaming and hollering at them. Try to understand peoples feelings, and be more empathetic. I will pray for you that God gives you the strength to have peace and love in your heart and not judgement and hatred, when things don’t go your way. Best wishes.

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