by Brian Flagg, Approximately 30 of us from the Bus Riders Union, loud and proud, attended the emergency Transit Task Force meeting yesterday. Our presence there helped the Task Force vote to stop $458,000 of the proposed $1.1 million in cuts to 9 bus routes. Particularly disappointing was a 4-3 vote to reduce frequency onContinue reading “TUCSON BUS RIDERS UNION NEWS-THE POSITIVE SPIN”

Bus Riders Victims of Sneak Attack

By Brian Flagg On Tuesday, June 9, the City Council passed their budget for next year. The City Manager, with the support of only Mayor Rothschild and Councilman Kozachik, tried to balance their budget with $1.1 million in cuts to nine bus routes. Longtime transit champion Councilwoman Karen Uhlich, wise to the games they playContinue reading “Bus Riders Victims of Sneak Attack”