Tribute to Luke Knipe

by Brian Flagg

He might not be the most spiritual guy in the world, but Luke Knipe is a really smart guy and has been an unlikely inspiration to me and others at Casa Maria.

Born and bred in Tucson, Luke worked at Casa Maria last year for about six months as a Researcher/Organizer. He also did food pickups, washed pots and worked in the kitchen.

To overcome in the struggle for justice for and with those we serve daily, we at Casa Maria need to be smarter, more well-read, more creative and more politically astute.

Luke helped plant seeds in me, stretched me and challenged me in all those respects.

More than anything, we watched him do his blog, The Poco Bravo. We saw how he used it as a research tool to communicate and popularize truths that the Arizona Daily Star et al could not or would not touch.

We aim to do the same with this blog. For instance, the City claims it has no money and thus needs to balance next year’s budget on the backs of the poor people and bus riders.

We know they can choose to find the money elsewhere and we plan to use this blog as a way to research and shed light on their budget. Budgets are moral documents because they demonstrate the values and priorities of, in this
case, the City of Tucson.

So we want to be like Luke … except for one thing. He did such a good job with his blog that City Manager Richard Miranda hired him to work in his office at City Hall.    

Luke might no longer be physically present at Casa Maria but he continues to inspire. He really did help us to think about how to make our part of The Struggle more potent.

Peace and Love to Brother Luke


Tributo a Luke Knipe

por Brian Flagg

Pude ser que no sea la persona más espiritual en el mundo, pro Luke Knipe es una persona muy inteligente y ha sido una inesperada inspiración para mí y otros en Casa María

Nacido y criado en Tucson, Luke trabajó por seis meses en Casa María el año pasado como Investigador/Organizador. Recogió donaciones de alimentos, lavo ollas y trabajo en la cocina.

Para sobrellevar la lucha por la justicia, para y con aquellos que servimos diariamente, nosotros en Casa María tenemos que ser más inteligentes, más creativos, y más astutos políticamente.

Luke ayudo a plantar esa semilla en mí, abrió mi mente y me reto en todos esos aspectos.

Más que cualquier otra cosa, vimos como trabajaba en su blog, Poco Bravo. Vimos como lo uso como herramienta de investigación para comunicar y popularizar verdades que le diario Arizona Daily Star no podía o no quería tocarlo.

Intentamos hacer lo mismo con este blog. Por ejemplo, la Ciudad dice que no hay dinero, y por lo tanto necesita balancear el presupuesto para próximo año a espaldas de los pobres y los pasajeros del camión.

Sabemos que ellos pueden escoger encontrar el dinero en otros lugares, y nosotros planeamos usar este blog como una manera de investigar y dar luz a su presupuesto. Los presupuestos son documentos morales por que demuestran los valores y las prioridades, en este caso, de la Ciudad de Tucson.

Entonces nosotros queremos ser como Luke… excepto por una cosa. El hizo tan buen trabajo con su blog, que el Administrador de la Ciudad, Richard Miranda, lo contrato para que trabaje en su oficina en la ciudad.

Luke no estará presente físicamente en Casa María, pero continua inspirando. En realidad si nos ayudo a pensar sobre cómo hacer parte de la Lucha más potente.

Paz y Amor al Hermano Luke.

2 thoughts on “Tribute to Luke Knipe

  1. so in fact, he is a true inspiration for all! and since every being is worthy of reverence giving credit where credit is due,makes me want to put my feet under my prayers! thank you

  2. Brian, you are the best! greetings from Florida. It is nice ti see casa maria on my facebook, which I don’t use frequently! My respects to you Brian and all in casa maria for fighting for the poor. God bless you kindly!
    we have a silent evil revolution by those with big money. they bought Our Government. they get tax brakes, the tax brakes brake our cities and comes in private interests to privatize our city governments and they own our public records and charge us a big buck for them.Lots of politicians are businessmen dressed as politicians. they are running our government like a corporation.they take our jobs to a communist Godless country ’cause they don’t want to pay American wages and benefits.then they even take our benefits and pensions away But all is ok ’cause the “right wing” is with Godand the press is owned by corporate.Every sold their sould! That reminds me of the Pharasees and the saudesees of Our Lord’s times. they were so self righteous, they were blind and missed what they had in front of them, Jesus..Then they killed Him like they are destroying Our Nation. :” be astute as foxes and humble as sheep”St St Paul, Jesus, john Paul the second, we have to be bold to tel the truth to those who are blind so they be blind no more!The truth does not excuse its self from no one!God bless and thanks for all you do! Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heavens, Jesus, The Son of God!,Love and prayer, Carlos

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