Christy Fierros…

From the Southside to Tucson High School to the U of A to Casa Maria! … where she is in the process of transforming the garden!

The project kicked off on Saturday, December 5, with the help of master gardener Luis Herrera from the Food Bank, the youth group from Southside Presbyterian, Tito and friends from the group Flowers & Bullets (puro Barrio  Centro) and many others.

They busted caliche out of the ground, built two raised garden beds, got other plots mixed with compost and got it all ready to plant!

I know Christy as the daughter of Nancy Leyvas, who sometimes gets a family food bag here (she is a sophomore and majoring in environmental studies in geography).

We are excited that she attends the U of A and wants to use the garden to involve and serve the families of our barrio.

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Christy Fierros …

Del sur de Tucson Tucson H.S. de la U of A a Casa Maria!… donde ella esta en el proceso de transformar el jardin.

El projecto kicked off el Sabado, Diciembre 5 con la ayuda del experto en jardineria Luis Herrera del Food Bank, el grupo de jovenes de la iglesia prebisteriana del sur, Tito y sus amigos del grupo Flowers and Bullets (puro barrio Centro) y muchos mas.

Ellos prepararon la tierra, e hicieron lo necesario para tener todo listo para sembrar. Conozco a Christy como hija de Nancy Leyvas, quien trae bolsas de comida para las familias.

Nosotros estamos muy contentos que ella esta llendo a Universidad de Arizona y guere usar el jardin para involucrar y servir a las familias del barrio.

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