What’s going on right now…

El barrio se reunió la noche del lunes para participar en la procesión de celebración del Día de los Muertos. La procesión empezó en Casa María y culmino en el Fortín de las Flores. _____________________________________________________________________ The barrio gathered together Monday night for a procession in celebration of Dia de los Muertos. The procession began at Casa Maria andContinue reading “What’s going on right now…”

Vote Yes on 405 the Sunnyside School District Override!

by Jimmy Ojeda On Saturday, November 2, Cesar Aguirre, Gilbert Contreras, Gloria Espinoza and I walked on behalf of Prop 405. This proposition, if voters approve it, would allow the SunnysideSchool district to have more money for its schools. Basically, it is asking peoplewho live in the district to pay a little more on theirContinue reading “Vote Yes on 405 the Sunnyside School District Override!”


by Brian Flagg Today’s headline, (Arizona Daily Star, Nov. 1, 2013) CUTBACKS IN FOOD BENEFITS HIT HERE In case you missed it, the Federal government cut food stamps. It goes into effect today. More than 1.1 million Arizonans will see their benefits reduced. The effects of this are going to make a bad, intolerable situationContinue reading “FOOD STAMPS CUT, CASA MARIA BREAKES RECORD”

Message to the Three Sonoran’s: TUSD is doing something good

by Jimmy Ojeda Usually TUSD Board meetings are not that exciting, but last night I attended a great meeting with Cesar, Brian, and three parents from Ochoa Elementary: Maria, Adriana and Marisa. The Board voted unanimously to defend barrio schools. Many of the barrio schools such as Ochoa, Pueblo, Carrillo, and Davis were afraid theyContinue reading “Message to the Three Sonoran’s: TUSD is doing something good”

What’s going on right now…

Rio Nuevo: $250 million City taxpayer dollars down the drain, up in smoke, squandered, siphoned off. While at the same time, bus riders are being threatened with fare increases, city pools are closed, and there is little or no money for KIDCO or job training. In this city, the City of Tucson, with the sixthContinue reading “What’s going on right now…”

Controversial Desegregation Proposal to be Voted on by TUSD Board on Tuesday Oct. 22 (A South Tucson Perspective)

by Cesar Aguirre Last night my colleagues from Casa Maria and I attended a Magnet community forum at Ochoa Community Magnet School. A little over two weeks ago we attended a similar forum at Pueblo Magnet High School where parents, teachers, students, and community members came full force and defended their Magnet program. The questionsContinue reading “Controversial Desegregation Proposal to be Voted on by TUSD Board on Tuesday Oct. 22 (A South Tucson Perspective)”